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Like I'm whole again. [Nov. 10th, 2009|10:29 pm]
Cake Like


[Current Mood |thrilled.]
[Current Music |Lovesong.]

♥ Zebra skins. Big books. Tori Amos. My best girls Arienette, Saara-sama, 'nd Roku. Flirty text messages. Dirty text messages. Exercise balls. Twinkies. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Long scarves. Cuddly cardigans. Leopard print hoodies. Worn-in boots. Ribbed tights. BLTs. My guinea pig Amelia. Productive insomniac nights. Moulin Rouge. Obsessing over shoes with Saara-sama. Diabolos on repeat. Old MSN convos that make me giggle. Cute anime pictures. Impromptu roadtrips to Winnipeg. Being invited on Roku's group outings [I feel like I've finally wormed my way in!]. Couples Retreat. Catching up with my bro. Hot pink lip gloss. Lady Marmalade make-up. Petticoats. ♥